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Hello, my name is Claude Harris Jr, owner operator of Final Appearance Auto Detailing for more than 20 years. I am a car guy at heart and I believe that's what inspired me to be so passionate about transforming automobiles into rolling works of art. I also have the gift of being very methodical, paying very close attention to the details, that's why we are called detailers and not just a car washer with a bottle of wax and a tooth brush. I always strive to go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction, In this business your work speaks for you, that's why a large portion of my business comes from referrals. Here at Final Appearance my service is personalize to custom fit the desires of  each  and every customer, every vehicle is treated with the highest care and quality when any service is performed. I never over book appointments, I keep a low volume of clientele and high quality of work. All services are performed by me personally, think of it as having a personal  concierge  for your vehicle.


I had the opportunity to go back to college, majored in Business Administration and Marketing, which gave me the knowledge and inspiration to start my own company. I've always had a desire to be the best at whatever I do, so I began a quest to find out everything there was to know about reconditioning an automobile. Every class,seminar or event I was there soaking it up like a sponge, even found a college course that elevated my understanding even more. The course also opened up doors for me to network and sit under some of the best detailers in the world, from companies like Meguiars, Auto Magic and 3M. I was able to learn about this industry from a business standpoint first which is rare.

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I'm a member of the International Detailing Association. The IDA is an organization that strives to standardize the detailing industry through strong networking and education, bringing new life to the professional detailer.


I am a certified, licensed and insured professional detailer, with extensive education hours and hands on experience, believing very strongly in remaining teachable, it's a must if you are going to be a cut above the rest in this industry.

IDA Certified Detailer