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Personal Consultations

I offer free consultations to all customers to determine their requirements and expectations. A thorough inspection of each vehicle’s interior and exterior is performed to formulate the proper service for each client. I personally handle all aspects of the detailing procedure to ensure complete satisfaction. Trust is a key factor when someone is detailing your car, that’s why I educate all my customers on the process so they have a better understanding of what will take place with their vehicle.


Every car detail is different based on a number of factors. Some customers may be weather prepping for a show, while others may just need a good cleaning for every-day driving or a Sunday cruise. That’s why I create a custom auto detailing plan for each client. Detailing services are offered for both interior and exterior, bringing your vehicle back to its best appearance.

I also offer reconditioning, a process that consists of using special tools, equipment, and products, together with working knowledge to transform a vehicle back to like new or, in some cases, better than new condition, with the aid of new advancements in protection products and high tech tools. This can be anything from headlight restoration to vinyl and leather repair or odor removal, and much more.

Speciality Services

• Matte Finish/Satin Finish Car Care 
• Permanant Glass & Ceramic Coatings
• High End Interior Coating & Protection Products

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